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Fundraising Town Hall™ provides telephone fundraising services for Republican political candidates, conservative Political Action Committees (PACs), conservative non-profit organizations, and conservative membership groups. With the 2016 presidential elections now complete and the 2018 midterm elections approaching, effective telephone outreach has again become a vital component of any successful political campaign. Our services have proven to be a valuable political resource, providing live operators to manage call lists of any size, donation outreach and collection, as well as follow-up communications using state-of-the-art telemarketing and direct mail techniques. Fundraising Town Hall™ carries out telephone fundraising campaigns using the power of Telephone Town Hall technology to support the implementation of each event. We merge the best mass communication technology available with proven fundraising techniques to effectively and economically raise funds for your campaign. Start raising immediate money for your campaign or organization today!

Fundraising Town Hall, mass communication technology for campaign fundraising
Telephone Town Hall technology is used by Fundraising Town Hall


The speaker(s) hold a Telephone Town Hall event which dials and connects thousands of people near instantaneously through the telephone. This breakthrough technology is used by thousands of public figures, organizations, and companies in order to connect live with their constituents, members and customers through cost-effective, efficient mass communication. Our technology provides a deeper connection to voters giving them a voice beyond their vote, which allows them to contribute to the political conversations...

Fundraising Town Hall™ events include live operators


At any time during a Fundraising Town Hall™ Telephone Town Hall event, supporters are able to transfer themselves instantly to a live telephone operator in a donation call center by using their telephone keypad. Our experienced telephone operators will collect and manage all donations securely and in a timely manner. After all information is collected, the supporter is seamlessly returned to their corresponding Telephone Town Hall. Then, our Fundraising Town Hall™...

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Fundraising Town Hall™ call centers provide experienced live telephone operators to securely collect pledges and credit card donations for political campaigns, political action committees, and non-profit organizations of all sizes. All data collected is used to create new or add to existing databases for future outreach and fundraising.

Direct Mail fundraising service


Personalized follow-up/chase mail can be sent out as early as the next day to collect pledged amounts and express gratitude for providing support to your political cause. Our Direct Mail experts will craft and implement personalized direct mail pieces that express a clear message and call-to-action. Our direct mail follow-up campaigns have proven to be a valuable and cost-effective solution for providing important campaign information, inspiring supporters to continue involvement and commitment to your political...


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